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We focus on empowering clients with the necessary tools to lose weight, live well, and achieve their ultimate individual wellness.

Coming Soon...Sexual Health, Hormone Replacement Therapy & Hair Loss Treatment

Coming Soon...
Sexual Health, Hormone Replacement Therapy & Hair Loss Treatment

NüPush Weight Loss Clinic

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Your Initial Consultation

 Let our caring, compassionate Nurse Practitioner help you regain confidence and discover a most desirable physique with a completely personalized, results-oriented weight-loss plan.

Plan to spend at least one hour with our Nurse Practitioner for a comprehensive medical evaluation; we’ll take the time to get to know you and carefully assess your unique needs and goals, along with your activity level, current dietary habits, medical issues, and social habits.

To ensure your hormone levels are optimal, your blood work will be tested while you’re in the office, with results to be discussed before determining your personalized plan. With our medically supervised weight-loss program and your commitment to certain lifestyle changes, you can see immediate and long-lasting results. 


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Barisha K., Existing Client

"I'm grateful for where I am now."

“From the beginning, I've felt supported and encouraged by Alyssa. She motivates me to exceed the limits I've put on myself, and with her help, I am. What started as a fitness journey has transformed into a wellness journey. I'm grateful for where I am now."

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 Breanna K, Existing Client

"I want to see you win" 

“Hearing someone say "I want to see you win" and mean it wholeheartedly, gives you confidence and determination to get over that hurdle and run across the finish line. That's what Alyssa told me. Motivation comes in different forms, and my motivation is her. ” 

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Tamra H., Existing Client

"I actually believe that I can accomplish my weight loss goal ."

 “I am down almost 30 lbs in 3 months. I find every week with Alyssa to be supportive, educational, and motivating. For the first time in over 15 years, I actually believe that I can accomplish my weight loss goal and keep it off. Had I found this program 3 years ago, I would have never undergone bariatric surgery.” 

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